I am about to leave the UK for a 7 month sojourn in Hong Kong. Though I have travelled reasonably regularly over the past 30 years or so and have been to Hong Kong on many occassions I have never be out of England, and for the most part, Yorkshire, for this length of time. It feels like a time for reflection on what I’ve done and where I want to go next. I could just keep a diary but it would contain only my thoughts unchallenged and as I have never successfully kept such a diary over 58 years so I doubt it would be succesful now.
So someone suggested to me why not write a blog. And this is my first tentative steps.
I have 13 days now to my departure and I want to experiment with how to make best use of this blog so that when I board the plane I will know what I want to do with it.
My intention is to engage in a personal reflection of my life and loves and hopefully make some sense of what I have done and where I might be in the future. I have no clear agenda for this yet. I often reflect in my head as I drive around in my car and as a academic (I guess that’s a first thing which defines me…potentially) i do reflect and read and look for informed solutions.
But I’ve also been a single parent for over 20 years and that is a unique and challenging experience for anyone let only a man and whilst I reflect on that on a daily basis when talking to my children I haven’t stepped back from it for a while.
So if anyone is indeed out there perhaps you could help me make best use of this format.

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