Departing and arriving

Even getting on the plane which I have done to Hong Kong many many times felt different. it was as if this was a first leaving not the latest visit. Somehow it slowly dawned on me that I was setting off on a new experience and how could I make it so. Would it just be another seven months of my life or can I make it a distinctive contribution to my future. in what ways can I use the time to stand back at my life, take stock and forge some new identities or even confirm old ones.

Well I arrived safely with the threat of typhoons not materializing. Coming to an apartment is a new experience and a delightful one. It is a lovely place and certainly feel I can be content here. I went shopping and discovered that doing a supermarket shop without a car will make me re-think next time. Bags are so heavy and it was a slog back to the apartment though not a great distance. I will certainly walk more whilst I am here which will be good for me. TV is as expected a disappointment with content and no world news or CNN channel so started on the CCTV channel which is a mainland Chinese channel and was an interesting change. Will need to use internet more to keep in touch with news.

Jet lag soon kicked in last night and so a quick sandwich and a cup of tea and then a reasonable night’s sleep.Busy few days ahead but I feel settled, I’m on the internet and making a list of items I need for the apartment and making it like home (yes messing it up!!)

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