A Good day

For the first time since arriving in Hong Kong I’ve had a day I can look back on with satisfaction. My lack of ‘settlement’ thus far combined with events which are part of my normal routine when I come here have got in the way of focusing on what I need to do during my stay. Today I set myself a single task involving reading 6 articles and preparing an editorial for a journal. With an hour to spare on my timetable – job done.

I don’t fully understand how some days work goes like a dream and on  others I struggle for concentration. I know deadlines help and have feared that in the last few years deadlines have directed my attention in a negative way. Often I have not really got to grips with something until the deadline is so close that I have no alternative. Then concentration is good and constant and I motor forward with my ideas.

Sometimes though this adenalin-fuelled approach needs to kick in earlier as I can lose the time to do the job properly. Today’s task needed doing but that does not seem to have been the outstanding motivator. I just felt relaxed and was able to screen out other demands and focus on the task.

Also it is the first time I have managed to do this in my new abode. I think the restlessness I have experienced has been a process of settling to a new environment and maybe I have now managed to turn a corner.

Tomorrow is a key day to test this new found calm. I have to do a piece of work which needs completing by end of play tomorrow. I have nothing urgent booked in tomorrow and so should be able to give it full attention. I intend to be back here tomorrow to reflect on the success or otherwise of this strategy.

I need to get this piece of work away as it is the last big impediment to feeling focused on my tasks whilst here. Wednesday I meet with my colleagues in their department and will begin to bash out an agenda for the next few months. This will begin to determine the pattern for the immediate future and I need to get this right.

A good day!!

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