Avoiding avoidance

A couple of days have passed since I last posted but have moved much further along the line of settlement then I could have hoped. I left some unfinished business back at work in UK and needed to try and resolve it. Well that process started yesterday and I am hopeful that it will be successful. I don’t relish conflict though I love arguing (is that a contradiction?). I find conflict leaves me feeling uneasy and then that impacts on my bonhomie and general welfare.

I think the issues are being resolved and that alone makes me feel much much better. But much more is happening now. I have been given an office in the department I am working with. So I now feel really engaged here. I went over to lunch not knowing what to expect. I knew I was seeing two colleagues I already know and would have a good lunch. But they were much more than that. Introductions were made, projects were discussed and assigned and I felt they had really given thought to my arrival. I felt welcomed and wanted!! Not that that is not the case wherever I go in HK but this will be important part of my academic trip and thus I was pleased to feel there is a role there.

A desk in a unit with a group of about 8 researchers had been found. It is by the window and is bright and comfortable. In fact much better than my apartment. The researchers though young are friendly and have accepted me ok. They were concerned that there was no space for me to have my own  room but to be honest this is probably better.

Consequent on this I finished  another major piece of work today and really enjoyed working without the constant attention of interruptions and disturbances. This will be a good place to write so I can now begin to plan that part of my secondment.

This place is having an impact on me personally albeit slowly. I have become much more conscious of what I have in the fridge. Eating everything I buy using up bits of veg left etc. I created a egg fried rice meal out of left over pork knuckle and some bok choy using my rice cooker ever more skillfully. It was simple but great.

I am also saving my empty bottles for distribution in the correct bin. Something which was done for me in England or not at all. I just feel at home and enjoying the experience.

Its a positive feeling and augurs well for the next few weeks. It will get busy, very busy but I like that too. But I guess I am occupying myself differently therefore creating different spaces to think and work and relax.

I am wondering whether I should invite more to my blog. I have invited just five so far but had no comments. I assume it is in the public domain I don’t quite understand the system yet but I doubt whether my musings are yet the stuff of avid reading around the globe. Anyway if my invited guests want to pass a comment and suggest other bloggers to join I’d love to hear from you.

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