Cricket Sixes

The pavilion and the crowd at Kowloon

The rhythm of each day is beginning to settle. Lots of activities but a lack of the kind of pressure which normally greets my arrival at work in the UK. for that I am grateful. This seems to free up the mind to enjoy reflective thinking without the pressure to solve problems or trouble shoot issues. This still happens but not until 5 pm now at the earliest so I can keep it at bay whilst making my day most productive. This feels good. I am beginning to get my core writing targets sorted. I have a list of at least 10 possible articles so beginning to do work on one or two of them. I am slightly anxious about this because I am used to writing reports for deadlines and the more relaxed personal gaols will make keeping to task a little more difficult.

I am not good at changing my diet but a frugal spending regime hs helped initiate some changes. I am certainly eating a lot more fruit – yellow mango; papyra ,pomelo and pineapple becoming early favorites. I have discovered the wet market now so for a short walk I can get some cheaper fruit. Still need some kitchen equipment but adapting to my environment.

My first day out at the Hong Kong cricket Sixes was a great day. Though hot exposed to the full glare of the sun, it was a great atmosphere, people were friendly and relaxed and some good cricket was played. if not by England!! It was good to see this form of the game played by such good players and over 200 sixes actually resulted. The ground looks great and I will certainly go back to watch an ordinary local match and view the ground in full relief.

One thought on “Cricket Sixes

  1. Hi Paul

    Just responding to your email following up on the fallout from Adrian’s funeral – funnily enough Dave Payne came to mind for me too. I’d love to know what’s happening in his life and whether he’d be interested in us as well. Didn’t want to raise it for fear of offending you – but should have realised you’re well past that phase now! Time is the constraint for me, for social networking. Daft I know given the proximity of retirement – but whatever way we find will have to be quick and easy to fit into an already stupidly busy schedule.

    Good to read your updates. What a fine time you’re having!



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