In the office

It is strange but nice to be sat at my office desk and not to be disturbed. No phones ringing, no emails from UK and people around quietly getting on with their own business. It gives me uninterrupted periods of time to shape my day, to shape my thinking and hopefully to produce some productive outcomes. So why do I find myself blogging rather than working.

Well some days I need the stimulus of interruption or an urgent goal to get moving. Having space simply to pursue what I desire is strangely difficult sometimes. Yesterday I spent a large part of the afternoon reading texts relevant to one of my articles and really got into that. Time flew by and reached 7 ish before I felt it was time to go back to the apartment. I have never understood quite why I have such mood swings in relation to my working style. If someone came in and put an urgent task on my desk I would do it without question. The motivation would be there, the adrenalin would flow and I would be away.

My urgent task is to try and find ways to trick myself into believing my tasks are urgent even in this more luxurious an forgiving environment. Yesterday I spent half a day on a task for the UK and really enjoyed it. Felt useful. Maybe I don’t get the immediate buzz from article writing that I get from delivering a task for somebody else. I have a meeting today and am looking forward to it, working with others.

But this is said not with any sense of unease or dissatisfaction but rather a puzzlement about myself. Am i normal in this respect – I know I work long hours – effort is not in question here – but so much more could be done if I could crack these periods of wasted meanderings, sucking the day away with no productive outputs. I am hungry so maybe a break for lunch is the answer, well if not the answer its a way forward and puts off for an hour what I do next.

Any answers anyone?

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