The sun is shining

The sun is shining not just because H arrived safely or because England thrashed the Aussies to an humilitaing and so satisfying innings defeat and not just because I’ve finished another novel, of which more below, but because it is. Here in HK it remains a delightful 25 degrees which does make getting up and going to work a little easier!!

H arrived safely yesterday though it was a delayed flight and she was tired when she got here. But treated to a very well cooked prawn fried rice she has settled into her stay here. She has slept most of today but has gone out to have a wander, something easy and safe to do in this city, one of the delights of being in Hong Kong.

I meanwhile have finished the Rose Tremain novel, Trespass which was a somewhat dark novel in the end so deceptively set in the delightful Cevannes countryside of France. It was a well-written and well-structured novel and I could see why it made the long list. I thought the language was well weighted and it kept it short but with no loss of depth in so doing. The theme of trespass was there in so many ways which added to the delight of the novel and to the surprises on the way. I would certainly recommend it.

Yesterday I found myself in a big bookshop in Causeway Bay and saw on the bestsellers the Millennium Trilogy which I had had recommended for some while. Stieg Larsson apparently wrote these three novels in his early 50s and then died before they were published and achieved the fame they have since had. I tend to resist such novels though not quite sure why. So for some while I have looked at them and walked away. I was facing at least an hour waiting for someone in this mall and desperately needed something to read. The bargain of the three books together eventually made me weak and I succumbed to the purchase. Well I can say barely 48 hours later I am on the last 100 pages of 550 of this first well-grafted crime mystery and have found it difficult to put it down. It is a light read compared to my recent novels but so well put together that it has maintained my interest easily. I shall finish it tonight I hope and report soon.

I am certainly entering a new phase in my life here. H’s arrival means the pattern of the day and evening will be different. I am of an age when I like to go out for a meal but am happy after a full day to just relax in the quiet of the apartment. H wants music and more action so we will need to work out how we live alongside each other. maybe if she gets work this will not be an issue, if not, then it may be more difficult to resolve. Still its great to have her here and once jet lag has gone she can enjoy the lead up to christmas however the job hunting goes.

I am working on two things in the next week which I need to get completed and then its back to the article writing which has taken a little bit of a backward step in the last ten days. But I am still preparing material so will catch up on this.

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