Take a Chance on Me! What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

A couple of years ago I decided to give in to an urge which I had had for many years, in fact nearly 41 years! I had lost touch with an early girlfriend, without doubt the person I had first loved. My memory of that love had never left me – the butterflies in the stomach when I was about to meet her, the self-satisfied smile when I thought about her – though those feelings were now part of my memory bank only. I had finished the relationship for no good reason other than I was going to one university and she to another. This was 1971 after all and it seemed that the world was before me. I saw her once more at Christmas at the end of my first term, she talking of her new boyfriend, me of my new girlfriend and to the casual eye we had both moved on.

That particular relationship did not work for me but time simply kept moving on. I went through good times and barren times and would always remember wistfully that first love. Years past by – marriage, children, divorce – and the building of a life with all its complexities. A nod to past loves occasionally lingered in my memory but not for long. I was busy caring for my kids, working hard, enjoying my life.

Then a couple of years ago events in my own life meant that if I was to satisfy the curiosity which lingered in my head I would need to turn an idea of contact into actually making contact. Time could be running out. One night I simply decided to do it. I knew she was on Facebook, though her site was pretty empty so I doubted she was a regular user. Still it was my only lead and so I sent a message.

Within a few hours a message came back. I was flabbergasted. It was warm, inviting and welcoming. After 41 years I had tugged on that memory and it had worked. Since that time we have met and corresponded. I have met her husband and renewed other ‘lost’ friendships. It is worth taking a chance before it is too late. No regrets!

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