Changing needs, changing focus

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday night?

This question evokes memories of many different Saturdays. When I was young, it was just being at home and watching TV with my parents, playing games, annoying my brother and trying to stay up as late as my Dad would allow.

As a student Saturday joined every other night as a night out enjoying the freedom of the 1970s to drink beer, make love and try and solve the world as we sat around and exchanged ideas and a lot more!

As I stated work, Saturday was a time to play sport, and enjoy the relaxation of the evening with dining out and now wine tasting before work began again the following Monday.

This changed as marriage and kids brought responsible Saturdays, partly through sheer tiredness of child care and because going out involved careful planning and cost.

As I became a single parent, Saturday nights were times to watch TV with my kids, read and play games and then simply unwind. Going out became more and more difficult and anyway I was busy all week so why not just have some family time. It reminded me of my own childhood!

As my kids got older, Saturdays in the summer was down the cricket club, relaxing after a good game and late night take aways. the kids enjoyed the freedom of the time there and it allowed me to have a drink and unwind.

As they got older I then had to think about what was permissible as they ventured out to town, discos and experimented with growing up in ways I had to guess and predict but hoped would work out. It did just about!

As they left for new horizons I found myself enjoying travel more and somehow Saturdays when abroad seemed less significant. Going out depended on the rhythm of the work rather than the day of the week. When back home I rested.

Now as I approach dotage I am happiest doing very little on a Saturday evening. I enjoy being free to do what I want in the day, be it reading, or watching football or cricket depending on the season, going shopping, doing my washing or simply chilling out and when the evening comes unless I have friends for dinner I like just to sit, watch TV, play with my IPAD and write blogs. Maybe life does return to how it once was!

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