The calm of late night working

Daily Prompt: Because the Night Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

I have always believed that to go to bed before midnight somehow is a defeat. I’m quite happy to get up late in the morning but love the evening when it goes quiet and dark outside and I can just decide what I want to do, without interruption. Looking back on my life I think this first started at university. I used to enjoy my life there playing hard and rarely settling to study until it had gone quiet. Many an assignment was completed through the night. I even recall an exam at York which lasted three days and we simply worked through the night catching just a wink of sleep.

When I had children and more pertinently when I became a single parent, night time work became essential. I used to get in from work around 6 and then play, eat, read and bath my kids until I persuaded them it was time to sleep, which I recall in my daughter’s case was a difficult ask. At around 9.30 pm if I was lucky I settled down to do some reading or preparation for a lecture. It was a wonderfully quiet time when I could work undisturbed unless my daughter decided she wanted to get up and play!

Some years later, when freelancing there was often not enough time in the day and late night, even all night sessions to write bids or compete reports was a regular occurrence. I genuinely believed if I needed to do something I could just work late until I completed it.

Well I still try and stay up late but the ravages of time have meant that it is hard now to do anything productive in the late evening. I have given up trying now and simply admit defeat once the early evening starts.

Still like staying up late though but if I get really tired, I give in and take to my bed. Now it is getting late but trying to roll back the years I am completing this blog before going to bed! I can still do it sometimes!

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