Too idle for idols!

Daily Prompt: Teenage Idol – Who did you idolize as a teenager? Did you go crazy for the Beatles? Ga-ga over Duran Duran? In love with Justin Bieber? Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end?

This is not an easy task! Firstly my teenage years are so long ago whoever I idolised feels lost in the memory and though I grew up with Beatlemania I guess music did not have that paralysing and madcap response from me. So if I idolised anyone it was much more likely to be sports stars then musicians.

But to stick to music. I did, no I do love, the Beatles and believe they were a phenomenon which set them apart. I recall being at university in 1971, when sitting in a student bedroom doing nothing but chatting, drinking and listening to music, the door was flung open and someone blurted out ‘Paul McCarney’ is on campus and he’s playing tonight’. That was it, people rushed off, talked excitedly and incoherently as there was a mad dash for tickets, just 50p each!

Some will recall he did a series of university campuses when establishing himself with Wings. That night the campus was completely dead apart from Goodricke College where the concert was taking place. If you could not get a ticket a number of lecture theatres had been opened and through closed circuit TV was beaming the event. With a few others I wandered around the quiet and empty campus finding ourselves eventually near the Lake just next to the College. There we enjoyed the music without the mania no doubt going on inside. The next day he was gone and life continued its very seventies meandering way forward.

I do recall going to the first ever Isle of Wight pop concert around 1968 I think. I was not intending to be there but went camping with a school friend. We were hitching to the next place when a fruit lorry picked us up. He said he could take us to where we wanted to go but did we want to earn a few bob on the way. To penniless school kids this was a godsend. So we arrived at this event and helped unload and sell fruit. I recall seeing a seething mass of strangely dressed individuals who felt like they were from another planet. If only we had realised what was happening we could have experienced those early iconic music concerts as participants. But we were sixteen, naive and slightly discomforted by all the noise and fuss. We left with the driver, got our reward and continued our somewhat less hectic holiday.

So no music idols for me I’m afraid but a couple of stories around the music scene! My music tastes have always been too casual so perhaps I was just too idle for idols!

2 thoughts on “Too idle for idols!

  1. I had similar difficulty trying to remember a favorite song or artist. Memories of events surrounding music comes to me easier than a particular song. Being serenaded with Tesla, seeing AC/DC live etc. Thanks for sharing your memories.


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