Do we need a significant other?

DAILY PROMPT: She’s so fine! What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?

This is a difficult prompt. To talk about my significant other I would have to have one in the first place! I have had them and at the time felt like the world could not function unless they were part of my life. But now this is not the case so even though I could reflect back on one it would not be something I could engage with wholeheartedly.

I suppose when we are in the midst of such special feelings we cannot envisage that life can go on without them. People talk about only being one half of a person without their partner. I have to disagree. I think we are all whole people and defined by more than our partner. We are defined by our family, our friends, our relationships with whoever they may be. But we stand and fall on our own. Would I prefer to be in a relationship? Am I just reflecting this because of my situation? I think not.

Actually for a variety of reasons I am happy not to be in a relationship. It leaves me freer to enjoy my other relationships which do not need to be compromised by the dominance of one. I am so used to being on my own I am not sure I could share my daily life easily with someone else. The freedom to do my own thing is a precious freedom and I enjoy my own company. I know that if a relationship came along and hit me in the face I would be hard pressed not to enjoy it. But would I go for one now? I don’t think so and don’t feel bad about saying that!

8 thoughts on “Do we need a significant other?

  1. I totally agree with you, about the whole halves to wholes thing. But in order to make a relationship work, you both need to be wholes! Two wholes coming together to make… DOUBLE wholes! Ha. But yea, I think when one person believes they are a whole, they have confidence, independence and security that can make the relationship work. Great thoughts!


  2. I agree, too. I don’t believe that one is the loneliest number. It has been good to find myself underneath some of the rubble known as relationships. I haven’t given up on anything, it’s just not as important as I thought at one time.


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