Life is too short to hold grudges

DAILY PROMPT: I can’t stay mad at you! Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

I find it hard to retain a grudge for long. I will argue with people and I do fall out with people but usually though upon meeting again we would find a way to resolve whatever issue cast us apart. Sometimes it might take a little longer than that but I will remain uncomfortable if an issue remains unresolved for long. Of course I can only consider my own attitude and there are people who find it impossible to move on from an argument or difficulty we have had. In that case whilst I will try I will not let it rule my life.

I do argue vigourously at times and some people might regard that as aggressive. I am rarely arguing against the person but rather what he or she has said. Unfortunately that can get intertwined and in that situation it can take some time to unravel. Recognising that this can occur I will make more effort to find a middle ground with someone whilst I might disagree with their ideas it does not affect my general attitude towards them.

Having said all this I have to confess there are two or three exceptions. I had to bring up my children during the era of Margaret Thatcher. She is one person I would find hard to forgive to what she did to so many working people during her period as Prime Minister. Her kind of politics has been continued in recent years and this makes her legacy even more pernicious. There has been talk of renaming August bank holiday Thatcher Day. All I can say is if they do that I shall work on that day as a matter of principle.

There is a second person I’ve tried not to hold a grudge against but when I remind myself of what he did to me whilst I was ill and too weak to fight back I feel I cannot in all conscience forgive him. This was someone who managed me and I became a victim of his bullying and intimidating manner. I should have challenged it, I didn’t do so because I was at the time quite ill and indeed hospitalised. I now no longer have any contact with him but those few months in my life I cannot easily forget.

But most of my life I meet, work and live with delightful people. Just tonight I met with a group of colleagues for the first time and had a lovely evening. I will hold my point of view but I think I am also conciliatory and also can listen to a good argument too. Life is definitely too short to hold grudges!

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