My favourite book!

DAILY PROMPT: Pride and Joy! What’s your most prized possession? GO!

I am an avid collector of useless memorabilia – shot glasses, mugs, fridge magnets, turtles, model cars, or other such detritus fills up my house. My biggest collection though are my books. I have probably about 1500 books although I’ve never counted them. I have a large selection of novels, a range of academic books relevant to the area in which I work. Books that I studied at University, and random books of all shapes and sizes. I love my books, I love reading them, I love having them around the house and would be loath to lose them. They give me a window on the world from all sorts of situations. If I was to choose one as my most prized possession it would not be academic books I have published but would be the book I wrote on the history of Tickhill Cricket Club. It is called Tickhill 150 not out, you won’t find it in most bookshops, indeed any bookshops but if you give me a fiver I could find you a copy!


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