Life is for living!

DAILY PROMPT: Reason to believe! In Reason to Believe,, Bruce Springsteen sings, At the end of every hard-earned day / people find some reason to believe. What’s your reason to believe?

I have a friend who has had prostate cancer for 15 years. This year he began to have back pains and when they got to the cause the cancer had spread to his liver, a near fatal consequence most of the time. He has become terminal very quickly after managing this problem for many years. His motto has always been ‘life is for living’ and he has responded to this devastating change in his circumstances by continuing to live by that simple adage. He continues to live for every day, making the most of his time with his wife and close family and the many friends he has.

He could spend time being angry about why this was not discovered earlier. He could worry about the loss of years ahead. I admire his positivity. It is the way I try to run by life. Looking for the most of my time ahead. I get up in the morning because there is so much to enjoy, so many things to do, to fight or simply to challenge. As a humanist I have no faith in any after life and believe that we could simply enter a long sleep. So we have this uncertain time ahead. We can worry about the inevitability of death or leave that outcome to its own devices whilst we focus on life. This is my belief, this gets me out of bed every day and will continue to do so as long as I am able.

Life is for living! Simples!

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