Making memories

DAILY PROMPT: Worst Case Scenario – Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today?

Today is the day I set off with anticipation for my birthday weekend surprise organised by my two lovely children. This is the third year they have done this having initiated it for my 60th birthday in 2012. Without telling me where we are going we set off and I begin the deduction process as to where it might be. The first year I was quite unwell and following a six and a half hour journey we arrived in Weymouth, a destination for camping for many years when they were young. We returned there last year to enjoy it more as I had recovered.

The worst case scenario on this day therefore would be one of the children not being able to come or something more catastrophic happening en route. This is a real occasion of renewal for all three of us. As I am a single parent and have been so since they were 2 and 4 and they are now 30 and 32 it is important to keep spending quality time together. This is one of the best such occasions during the year as there are no partners just the three of us. We look after each other and they are particularly good at looking after me and making sure I enjoy the time away.

We arrived late last night to Whitby, another of our favourite destinations. This time they had booked a cottage which is absolutely great. For this not to happen whilst it still can would be disastrous. So I must now get on and enjoy it.

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