Letters are rare gems today

DAILY PROMPT: Going Obsolete. Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

Dear reader,

Who regularly writes letters today? I rarely do indeed I either type communications or use Siri to dictate a blog. Overall I think we communicate more and more instantly though blog, twitter, emails, text messaging etc etc but the only letters which ping through my door are bills (and even many of them are e-bills) and unwanted advertising, clogging the bins and wasting more trees.

When was the last time someone close wrote you a letter? I can remember for me it was February 2012. But and I think here’s the rub, I was in Hong Kong and though it was hand written in order to reach me quickly J had scanned it and emailled. Yet what a delight to see a hand written communication knowing someone had taken that time to write. But since then no letters have arrived at my door. Does that mean the letter is obsolete, I fear so?

Though I miss receiving such missives I do not miss it that I want to create a paper trail again. I am happy with many forms of more instant communication, some personal and some, like this one, open to whoever wants to read it. I would treasure any letter I did receive but though I lament its passing, I fear we have all moved on. The envelope is becoming obsolete!

One thought on “Letters are rare gems today

  1. Yes, letters were a tradition in our family. When I lived away, my mother and I wrote at least one letter a week. My mother collected 8 years of my letters when I lived overseas, and I didn’t have the courage to read them and burnt the lot! Am I sorry? No, not really, though I would have discovered a lot that I have conveniently forgotten.
    E-mails are so quick, a big step forward really!


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