DAILY PROMPT: Pick Me Up. What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

I always respond positively to the word Yorkshire! It has such positive resonance for me. I prick my ears up when I hear it to try and understand the context it is being used. Yorkshire means so many things to me from food to sport to great places and great people.

I had Yorkshire pudding most Sundays as a child, served the Yorkshire way with gravy as a starter. Lovely and filling! There are many cheeses in Yorkshire from the incomparable Wensleydale or Swaledale to many other varieties. Some of the best beers – Timothy Taylor, Theakstons, Sam Smiths, Tetleys of Black Sheep were brewed in Yorkshire.

When I think of sport I think of cricket and immediately of Yorkshire cricket. I grew up to the exploits of these famous cricketers and all at one time born in Yorkshire. I did not leave Yorkshire for three months before my children arrived just in case.

But Yorkshire also means great places to visit, the most notable being the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors and the east coast with Whitby the star of the show. And in Yorkshire people tend to be friendly and welcoming though if course not all! But most would invite you in for a cup of tea!

Yorkshire is where I have lived for all but six years of my life and even when travelling the world it is nice to return home. Someone once said Yorkshire is god’s own country and even though a non-believer, it often feels that it is a special place and it does make me smile. So that’s my word of the day – Yorkshire.

One thought on “Yorkshire

  1. I liked your ode to Yorkshire. I am a Londoner originally, a cockney, so anything North of Ipswich was “up north”, but Yorkshire has its charm definitely – and I love Yorkshire pudding. Even my Swiss family has got to like it.


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