A cup of tea!

DAILY PROMPT: Just Another Day. Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

This is simple. I get up and freshen up then downstairs to complete the first action of the day, switching the kettle on for my first cup of tea. I drink tea constantly and love the ritual of preparing and drinking tea. I was brought up with tea, coffee only appeared in our house as a liquid with chicory essence, CAMP coffee. It was not nice so tea became my tipple. I did drink coffee but never in a morning and in the past few years apart from the occasional latte, I prefer tea. I must have five or more mugs a day so the ritual is oft repeated. I have many mugs to chose from. (See pic below!)

Although English Assam tea is probably my most frequent drink since visiting Hong Kong I have also tried many other teas and been delighted with the result? Green tea (particularly Japanese green tea which is milder) or mixed with jasmine makes a refreshing change and stimulates the brain cells in ways similar to coffee but without the negative side effects. I love watching tea being prepared in HK and have tried many different varieties. Tea shops there are an occasion not just a drink. When I briefly visited Beijing I was introduced to chrysanthemum tea which is the mildest, most delightful taste. Apparently it can be drunk as a soft drink, cold in the summer, but I have yet to try that. It helps me relax. I like ginger infused tea when I have a sore throat and have tried many herbal varieties. But I am as happy with a cup of English breakfast tea, either Tetleys or Yorkshire Tea, with milk in the cup first. Tea bag or tea leaves does not matter as long as the water is boiling, it will mash properly.

My mum always says as long as it is wet and warm it will do. But it has to taste well too so not too weak, let’s have a bit of body. Now must stop as need to find a mug to make a cup of tea!


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