Blown tyres!

DAILY PROMPT: The kindness if strangers. When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!

I recently spent two weeks in USA. When I left New York to travel to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania I hired a car. I picked up the car from the airport and once I understood what the satnav was saying to me I found myself on the road towards my destination. It was wet and rainy but the roads were not too busy and I was able to relax, put it in cruise control and think about my week ahead. On the way I stopped at Starbucks so I could check my emails etc using their Wi-Fi and I enjoyed lunch. I then left the highway and found myself on some minor roads. However I was within five minutes of reaching my destination on a wet and the narrow road when I drove through what seemed a harmless puddle. This puddle was actually more of a crevasse. Underneath the water was a huge hole which the drivers side of the car ploughed through and this blew both my tyres. Fortunately it did not jerk the car to the left as I would have found myself in traffic.

I was a little shocked and I was not quite sure what to do. I got out to have a look and at this point a car stopped behind me. TwoAmerican guys got out and asked me what the problem was. I showed them the tyres and they then, in the nicest way, just took over as they could sense I was somewhat shocked by what had happened. We took the car to a turn off which made it safe. As they had an American mobile they phoned the hire company for me and was able to arrange for the car to be picked up and for me to collect a replacement car from the nearby airport. What impressed me was that firstly they stopped spontaneously, they could see that I was a little at a loss as to what to do and unobtrusively helped me solve the problem.

Once they knew the breakdown van was on its way and I was happy to sit and wait they said their goodbyes and wished me well for the rest of my time in Pennsylvania, suggesting some restaurants to visit!

I thought this was a lovely spontaneous act of kindness and made a difficult situation for me easy to resolve. Although I had to wait for about an hour I eventually picked up a new car. Clearly this car was a much better model and actually ran smoothly for the rest of the week. No doubt I am unlikely to meet those two kind people again but wherever they are – thanks.


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