Friends for life

DAILY PROMPT: Last but not Least. In your imaginary award acceptance speech (yes, we know you have one), who’s the very last — and most important — person you thank?

I am thankful to all my friends for sharing the journey of life with me. We can take friends for granted as we drift through life and we only realise, sometimes too late, how important they are. I have been lucky having gone away to university and met people I have known for the rest of my life, adding to the friends and family from home. In a more mobile world we meet more people as we pass through new situations and that can be exciting. Occasionally we meet new people who excite us but we never get the chance to follow up such relationships and that is teasing and a shame. We are left with too many might have beens!

We really know the value of friendship when things go wrong. A couple of years ago when I became ill, my friends rallied round so quickly, so unobtrusively but with care and goodwill. This humbles you and reminds you how much people care for you. You don’t want to be ill but the reminder of friendship is a compensation. I have tried to keep a closer attention to my friends ever since.

The other occasion you understand the value of friends is when someone sadly passes away. The hole this creates in your life is palpable and it reminds you of their importance to you and to everyone. If you can create sustainable memories with them then this will mean they are never forgotten.

To choose amongst my friends who I would thank last would be impolite but at the end of the day my closest friends are not only friends but relatives. My two children, J and H, have shared their lives with me for over thirty years. As a single parent I have had a close bond with them since they were very young. They continue to surprise me and we create lovely memories week by week. Without question I would thank them last in the hope that they would never forget me!

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