DAILY PROMPT: No Apologies. What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

I have always enjoyed butter. There is little that is more pleasurable than a slice of toast with butter spread liberally on it or a freshly baked scone with butter melting onto it. Or a crumpet or, more properly, for those of us from Yorkshire, a pikelet, with butter adorning its top, dripping through the holes. Well you get the picture! For many years we were told butter was not good for you and persuaded to eat various derivatives from margarine through to all sorts of low fat spreads. I was never really convinced of this and found the taste of some of these disturbingly vague! Conventional wisdom today suggests many of these margarines are less healthy than butter so I have reverted back as the years have gone by.

Now for a long time my children have warned me about my intake of butter, counselling me on the imminent onset of heart attacks, cholesterol or weight increase. Often this message has fallen on deaf ears despite some of said conditions! It is not that I do not understand the risks but weigh this up against the joy of butter at its best. Also as I now have a medical condition which will impact on my longevity anyway I shall enjoy my eating with a little less reserve.

I had a birthday this weekend and my son’s girlfriend bought me a wonderful little present. It was a jar sized butter maker. With just some double cream and a three minute shake, the cream separates and turns into wonderful, fresh and additive-free butter. No salt either unless you add it. What a wonderful present and I have been testing it with great zest.

I love butter and now I can make it myself it will remain an ever present fixture in my fridge. I finish with a picture of my first home made butter below. Not bad eh!


3 thoughts on “Butter

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  2. Keep enjoying it! My mother-in-law has only eaten butter and cooked with lard and bacon grease her entire life and just turned 96 last month! She’s very active and has had both knees replaced though!


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