Generational changes

DAILY PROMPT: Modern Families. If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

There is always generational shifts in expectations. I can see the differences from my parents and grandparents yet I fondly believed when I was younger there would be less distance between me and my children. But you easily forget your own heritage and lived experience and believe you can jump generations. Whilst there is no doubt my relationship to my children is different to that of me and my parents the remains a gulf. Not surprising as I was brought up in an environment in which so much of today’s essentials – mobiles, internet, tablets, transport, travel, work, etc etc are so far away from my own upbringing. I think I have made a good adjustment to modern technology but my son still snatches my phone off me impatiently demonstrating that I should do this or that whilst my big fingers blunder through this digitised world.

Our intellectual and experience of the world makes us simply see different things and assign importance to different phenomena. Certainly there are overlaps and points of reference otherwise we would struggle to communicate but we can celebrate difference too. I was luckier than my parents who lived through the depression, the Second World War and survived and then built their family in an austere and somehow restricted world. By the time I was reaching puppetry the horizons were so much wider and the atmosphere of the Kate sixties and seventies brought freedom, love, experimentation, hope and optimism. I have retained all that despite the somewhat depressing world of the present and the future. I fear for my children and their children and what awaits them but I can only view from my knowledge.

I think someone arriving here more than three generations apart would find the world incomprehensible. The pace of change would make it uncomfortable, alien and frightening. I would them them interesting because they could give me a picture of life a long time ago safe in th

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