All good things have to come to an end

So the final full day of my visit has been reached. My body is certainly telling me I need a rest but I have managed to survive, even prosper and with a little help from my friends got to do more than I could hope. Today was no exception. My good friends Wilbur and Dora took me out to Tai-Po to see if I could capture a better set of pictures than the other day. I had been advised by one of my blipfoto friends what I might have been doing wrong and practice over the last couple of days suggested I had now blundered on a solution. For the first time I am using the camera in full Manual mode having just used aperture priority previously. This was to serve me well today as I managed to get some really sharp pictures with my long lens using the same technique as at the Wetlands but with these different and more responsive settings. I was beginning to think this lens was an expensive waste now I hope I can develop my ability with it. A year ago I was auto cameraman and now am edging forward with more technique which is helped when you get good results, worth persevering.
When we got out there, it was quite packed even for a Sunday. We discovered it was Senior’s Day so travelling by public transport was free. I felt very wanted to feel that Hong Kong had named a day after me though I had travelled in the luxury of a car. We spent some time at a couple of sites and you will see below some of the pictures I managed to take. I took so many more so please have a look at my Flickr album which I linked to in an earlier blog. I was so happy with what I managed to get. We then drove to the HK Science Park, a huge area where there are many scientific projects and some visitor attractions. We just had a light lunch. 
In discussion I had asked Wilbur to drop me off at another mall called Elements. I wanted to go and buy some MBT shoes. With a few strategic phone calls they discovered that the shop is no longer there, very disappointing, but that there is now a shop located at Festival Walk. Now I had been to that mall 5 or 6 times this week and was there last night, very close to this shop. I was amazed I had not seen it. So they dropped me there instead and I had an enjoyable hour trying on the shoes and eventually buying two pairs. I rely on these shoes to keep me free of planter fascitis and wear only them. They are expensive, though was pleased to note that the price has remained steady since I last bought any a couple of years ago and despite the parlous state of the pound. So I returned to the hotel very pleased with myself. 
So i now surveyed the scene of my room which contains various parcels, presents and now shoes all of which I have to squash into my case by tomorrow. I am now very glad I chose to bring the bigger case I just hope I get it all in. I will let you know tomorrow. Of course it would be fair to point out that travelling first class I could have three cases up to 32kg each. The obvious flaw for me is that I could not carry three cases, one case is challenging enough, so it is a non-starter. In the early years here I had to carry a lot of books which made the cases very heavy indeed. When I returned from my sabbatical I had a whole suitcase of books! I then started to use a kindle to ease this problem and for some years deserted the hard copy. I have found I miss hard copy reading of books so I have returned to hard copy books particularly novels. There is something about the feel of books which I really like. I also like to have books on shelves, an obsession which neither of my children have ever remotely understood. Now I have brought all my accumulated work books of 41 years home I have created a lovely study at home with them all in, its a nice feeling.
 So the last night ended fittingly with a meal with Wilbur and Dora. We talked about how lunch was such an important part of the HK working day. Everyone stops for lunch, unlike in the U.K. where we rush around with a sandwich in our hands. It is a communal gathering and people chat, communicate and relationships are formed and maintained. It is therefore no coincidence that I have developed such strong relationships here. And moreover there has been nothing more natural then having lunch and dinner with my friends. In seven days I have had 10 lunches or dinners with 24 different people and enjoyed every minute. The food has been good and the conversation warm and engaging. Tonight was no exception and in a Michelin starred restaurant within the hotel we enjoyed a lovely dinner.
So I must now work out how to get a quart into a pint pot and get to bed to enjoy my final day before flying out tomorrow evening. 

3 thoughts on “All good things have to come to an end

    1. Going into an MBT shop is a rare experience, there are so few just dedicated to those shoes. It feels like a kid in a candy store so many to chose from. I nearly bought three pairs.


  1. Super, super shots & a special mention too 🙂 Really glad you found a fix. I’m not sure I should be reading this before dinner though, the food sounds divine!


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