Simple pleasures cut the mustard

It’s been a quiet week in some respects and I have been struggling for a distinct theme. But then I thought my theme emerges from what I do which has been simple, rewarding and opened new horizons. So, actually quite a week if I start with that statement.

The week really kicks in on Tuesday when I enjoyed Pancake Day with my son J and friend S. I decided to make crepes which I discovered were really just thin pancakes but they made the fillings stand out and we cooked, tossed and ate our way through 14 pancakes with rarely a failed toss. We enjoyed ham, cheese and egg savouries; strawberry and cream cheese, Nutella, golden syrup and sugar and lemon. I rarely eat so much sweet stuff and that made them even more delightful though don’t tell my diabetes consultant. A lovely simple evening. To really test out the recipe I repeated the crepe cooking the following evening just to use up leftover fillings of course. Indulgent or what!

Thursday was World Book Day and I ended up joining a book club. I was due to be in London but for the first time in 40+ years of travelling to London I missed my train. I got within a few hundred yards of the station to find myself in a gridlock and just stopped. No way out, no way in. I sat and watched the time tick-tock past my train time and then spent another 40 minutes trying to get out. Everywhere in central Doncaster was at a standstill. Discovered a little later there had been a massive and tragic accident including a fatality which always puts things into perspective.
I had expressed interest in a Book Club due to start at the local Community Library that day. Having had this thought many times over many years but never having taken the plunge my trip to London had seemed to scupper my ambitions once again. Why had I never done this? Well in the past work certainly contributed as I was for many years too busy to consider adding anything to my day and I was a single parent too, multi-tasking was good but social outlets were few. Though digging deeper I suspect there were more fundamental reasons – uncertainties about joining a group of strangers; worries about book choice; finding myself unable to find the time to read the books and just inertia. So it has never happened. But released from my trip to London rang the library and persuaded them to let me go. As I suspected it was an older group and all women apart from me. Run by the library, they choose the books and recycle them amongst the different book groups they have there. I have decided to buy my books I still like to collect or is that hoard? This wonderful collage was on the wall of the library room where we met, how many have you read?

The first book is an American author called Kristin Hannah who is well published apparently, though new to me and the book is ‘The nightingale’. I will retain an open mind and see how it goes. But it also got me thinking about what books people regard as their favourites. So I asked the question on Facebook and got an amazing response from friends. I had started by highlighting ‘Stoner’ by John Williams. I love this book and I choose it because I had missed it off my list of all time favourites in my Blog No 8. It was a mistake as I loved this book, so rectified that mistake this week.

So friends responded with many and varied choices. The wonderful diversity of interest and experience that reading brings us is wonderful to see. Surprising choices, disagreements over preferences and the end result a growing list of new books to read. So I shall read the Hannah with an open mind and maybe discover a new author to like and try some of my friend’s suggestions. I will report back on the Book Club experience when we meet in a month to discuss this book.
Sunday has brought another milestone. My son with my son-in-law is raising money for Prostate Cancer UK and doing this with a bike ride, called ‘Football to Amsterdam’ doing 145 miles in two days in June. He has not been a biker so it’s a steep learning curve. Today was his first official ride in a mixed race event run by Evans Cycles. This was a tough ask as it was a hilly route but he was doing it with Uni mate Chris, who supported him throughout. Although the weather worsened, I dodged around taking some pics, watching the massive number of cyclists going about their business and it was superbly organised. I managed to spot my son a few times to capture his progress. 

I think this was a real breakthrough as he completed 22 miles and for the first time showed he can do this. He is new to cycling and this was a real confidence boost. Three month countdown to the event itself and much fund raising still to do but today was a good success, see collage below and a link to their fund raising page, hoping to break £1000 this week.

A couple of photos illustrating my week too. It was National Pig Day earlier in the week so when having a lovely all-day breakfast with bacon, pork sausage and sundry other things I noticed the wonderful Pig designed salt and pepper pots. Hope you all celebrated too. 

Finally I got my macro camera lens out to try and get some flower close ups. My efforts.

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